Challenges & Solution

New Generation Home Remodels, a home renovation company, partnered with Mattnoz with the primary goal of increasing sales.

Challenges: Not having an online presence in a competitive market. Results were needed fast.

Solution: Mattnoz devised a complete and comprehensive performance marketing strategy to address the client’s goals that will need to be in place in just 30 days.


The key components of the strategy included:

Optimized Social Media: Mattnoz targeted to integrate their social media platforms with the brand new website while optimizing the content to be visually appealing while showcasing New Generation Home Remodels’ expertise and services.

Online Listings Optimization: Mattnoz ensured that New Generation Home Remodels had a strong presence on online listings and directories. Accurate and up-to-date information was maintained to enhance visibility and credibility.


User-Friendly Website Creation: A user-centric website was developed, focusing on ease of navigation and compelling calls-to-action. Landing pages were optimized to increase user actions and conversions. Integrating all presence to this new website its key to have visibility of actionable improvements needed.

Results: In just 8 months, the implemented strategy yielded exceptional results for New Generation Home Remodels:

Our work in numbers

Conclusion: Mattnoz successfully addressed the challenges faced by New Generation Home Remodels by implementing a holistic performance marketing strategy. The combination of optimized social media, online listings and a user-friendly website resulted in significant sales growth. This case study exemplifies how a well-crafted performance marketing strategy can not only drive sales but also improve overall business efficiency.